Beach Programme

We are excited to announce that we have begun a Beach Programme for our 4 year old children at Little Rock Preschool!



PURPOSE: ‘To provide children with the opportunity to engage in unstructured nature play, and gain a deeper connection with our local environment’.


Overview of Programme:

Children will explore our local beach area in an unhurried manner, no matter what the weather.  It will take place across the road from Preschool, or down by the Surf Club – spending time in the sand, and also in the shallow water (when the weather is warmer).  We endeavour that this programme will be child led.

The Beach Programme will be run alternating Wednesdays from 9-11am.  The ratio will always be 1:2, including a registered teacher and someone with first aid training.

It will be based on a rotor system so all 4 year olds will attend at least one beach programme during the term.